About Us



Gourmet Guy was birthed out of LOVE.  Love of food and people.  

Really, we LOVE people and good food – a lot.  With Matt’s expertise in the kitchen and Julie’s passion for customer service we pride ourselves on making your event exactly what you desire it to be.

Matt graduated from The Pennsylvania Culinary Institute in 1996 and trained at The Baricelli Inn and with Hospitality Restaurant Group (Salmon Dave’s and Blue Pointe Grill). Matt was also the owner and executive chef of Westlake's Saucy Bistro until he turned his culinary talent and LOVE of food to Gourmet Guy.

Julie’s LOVE for customer service and attention to detail are the perfect complement to Matt’s passion for food.  She earned her college tuition in the restaurant business, where she realized how much she enjoyed hospitality and taking care of others.  While she graduated with her professional degree in Applied Science in 1998. Her professional life has since been spent in customer service.  She works with all of the Gourmet Guy clients to ensure the experience is everything and more.

The Team isn't just Matt and Julie though. The Team is everyone that has a hand in making any Gourmet Guy venture a success. Whether it's boxed, fresh lunches from Gourmet Guy Fresh - or the tireless crew that work on The Manna Food Truck, the team works tirelessly to ensure that you LOVE what you're eating and experiencing. Part of that team is family. Our family and yours.

We hope you LOVE what our family and team does - we know we sure do.